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College Basketball Best Bets: Picks, Odds & Predictions for Tuesday, February 20

Baylor and BYU, highlighting their offensive strengths and defensive weaknesses. Both teams rank in the top 10 for scoring but fall outside the top 50 in defensive efficiency. BYU stands out with its exceptional shooting capabilities, particularly from the three-point range, and excels in scoring both inside and outside, posing a challenge for Baylor's defense. Despite Baylor's strong offense, its performance in road games and against BYU's better defensive metrics, especially in rebounding and limiting three-point shots, suggests BYU has an advantage at home.

The TCU vs. Texas Tech game analysis focuses on TCU's advantages, including a significant rebounding edge and improved three-point shooting. Their previous meeting supports TCU's strengths, and Texas Tech's recent struggles against the spread suggest TCU could cover the points in their matchup.

The Maryland vs. Wisconsin game centers on Maryland's defensive prowess versus its offensive struggles. Maryland's defense ranks highly in efficiency and field goal percentage allowed, but its offense is among the worst in the Big Ten. The game's expected slow pace and both teams' defensive strengths make a low-scoring game likely, favoring a bet on the under.


Tuesday College Basketball Best Bets:

Here's a recap of my best college basketball bets for Tuesday:

  • BYU -3.5

  • TCU +5.5

  • Maryland at Wisconsin - Under 130.5

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