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DraftKings Showdown Colts vs Titans TNF

The changingDFSandfantasy footballlandscape is shifting toward single-game contests. At DraftKings, the biggest is their Showdown Captain Mode format. The format blends the ease of focusing on a single game with the ability to differentiate yourself from the competition by choosing a total of six players.

In such a tight game with at least a reasonable amount of scoring, we have seen a continued trend with the 2-4 build (2 players from the winning team, 4 players from the losing team) taking up a huge amount of the top lineups. For historically similar games to tonight, a whopping 70% of the top lineups have been 2-4 construction. That’s massive. Then, about 25% of the top lineups have been a 3-3, which has been over-owned by the field. But, between those 2 builds, that’s nearly 96% of top lineups. 5-1 and 1-5 have been non-existent, and the 2-4 has been one of the largest leverage points we’ve seen in a construction so far this year.


  • As is nearly always the case, the projections don’t favor Derrick Henry relative to his expected ownership. Henry is always capable of breaking the slate, but in a PPR format, the numbers see more value with pass-catchers.

  • The connection between Ryan Tannehill and Jonnu Smith both have leverage at CPT and FLEX. 

  • A non-dominant Colts receiver group looks to have slight leverage and should be rostered to take advantage of lower ownership levels.

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