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Fontaines 5 Courtside Picks: College Hoops Hype-Up!

🏀 Bobcats Bouncing for the Win We’re tipping off with the Quinnipiac Bobcats facing off against the Yale Bulldogs. Now, the Bobcats might be the underdogs, but in the betting world, that’s just another word for "value." They’ve faced tough teams on the road and are coming back to their den hungry for a win. Quinnipiac’s record against the spread? A slick 8-2 in their last 10. That's what we call Bobcat bounce!

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🐔 Blue Hens Clutching the Win The Delaware Blue Hens are next on our roster, and they’re strutting into this game with stats that shine brighter than a freshly polished trophy. They're up against the Robert Morris Colonials, and let's just say, history’s on our side. RoMo might need a history lesson after the Blue Hens are done with them. Delaware’s best bet? Covering the spread like a champ.

🐾 Wildcats Going Wild Wrapping up our trifecta, the New Hampshire Wildcats are set to scratch out a win against the Stonehill Skyhawks. The Wildcats might be all over the place, but they've got the trends in their favor, and we’re all about following the money. They’re dialed in to cover, and we're here to watch them pounce.

Here are Fontaines 5's slam-dunk picks to wrap up your day:

  • Quinnipiac Bobcats +8.5

  • Delaware Blue Hens -4.5

  • New Hampshire Wildcats -13.5

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