Listen to Your Heart on Fanduel Round 2:

As always at Fontaines 5, we’re ready to go in full force this week and get that cash! Even if we have to live through another dreadful week without sports.

I know guys, I’m cringing too. But after our win last week on Fanduel, the Bachelor experts are back to keep us in the cash.

This week on Listen to Your Heart, the guys have the power, so the girls have the points! Girls will be receiving the points this week for receiving the roses, so we’re stacking our lineup with the girls most likely to make it through to the next round, and create some drama along the way.

Star Player: Jamie 

Age: 21

Salary: $31,000

Lot’s of drama is stirring up between Jamie and Trevor, which is why our star player from last week is projected to rack up the points again this week!

Player 2: Julia

Age: 28

Salary: $24,000

Julia is torn between 2 men, which makes her a perfect pick since she’s going to be kissing and dating around this week.

Player 3: Chris

Age: 30

Salary $25,000

Throwing a guy in the mix, Chris has his eyes set on Bri, and they are going to test their compatibility on a date where they will be kissing and singing -- a great combo to put our lineup at the top.

Player 4: Mariana

Age: 27

Salary: $19,000

New girl, Mariana, is sassy and emotional -- exactly what we need to win that bachelor cash!

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