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Look into MNF Showdown NO vs IND


The most unique part of the format, and therefore the biggest opportunity for competitive advantage, is choosing your CPT. Should you always choose a QB who typically has the highest absolute fantasy scoring? Are defenses and kickers viable options? RB vs WR?

I went through the millions of possible lineup combinations for the 100 most similar matchups and found who the CPT selections were on the top-five scoring lineups for each matchup. Here are the 500 CPT from those matchups by position rank according to salary.


The table below lists each player and the five most commonly found players found on optimal lineups with that player.


The top salary options at CPT mostly have negative leverage, except for Alvin Kamara, who is slightly positive.

In the mid-tier, Marlon Mack and Ted Ginn have the best leverage at likely lower ownership levels.

The projections have Jacoby Brissett so low owned at FLEX that he’s the biggest value in terms of leverage.

Drew Brees also has good leverage, along with Saints’ kicker Will Lutz and the team’s defense.

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