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MLB Betting: Wednesday, April 20 Best Bets

Tough one yesterday as I went 3-1 on the four-team parlay that paid out 18-1 and would have put me in a nice unit play position. The Astros gave up a ton of runs to the Angels who were without Mike Trout and definitely surprised me. I don't know how the Angels are scoring so many runs with the lineups they have been running out there.

Some of the plays from yesterday will have follow-up today as the trends are just too strong to ignore. I was very shocked to see the total in the A's/Orioles game come out at 8 yesterday and immediately added that to the article shortly after it was posted.

I won't be able to officially add these to the article today – but side note I do like the Rockies again and the Reds under their run total.

Baltimore Orioles vs. Oakland Athletics 6:07 pm EDT

The Orioles have done a complete 180 from who they have been over the last few years. This is a team that used to score runs and give up a ton. Now they have a great pitching staff, especially their bullpen, but can not score. I have been riding the unders on their team totals and loved it yesterday. I will go back to it again today as Jefferies has pitched well and the home park is a huge factor in run prevention.

BET – Orioles under 3.5 runs for 1 RW buck (+100 FanDuel)

BET – Under 4.5 runs F5 for 1.34 RW buck (-134 FanDuel)

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Washington Nationals 7:05 pm EDT

We saw yesterday how offensively challenged both teams are, especially the Diamondbacks. Even though I am not a fan of Fedde, you have to continue to look at under for the D-backs based on the lack of pop in their lineup. Arizona is dead last in runs scored per game at an even 2.0 overall and just 1.4 runs per game on the road. They have scored 3 runs or fewer in 9 out of 11 games.

BET – Diamondbacks under 3.5 runs for 1 RW buck (+100 BetMGM)

San Francisco Giants vs Mets 7:10 pm EDT

A great pitching matchup in New York tonight with Rodon vs. Bassitt. Rodon has looked like a steal of a free agent signing for the Giants and gets a road start in one of the best pitchers' parks. The total opened 7 and moved down to 6.5 which does take some of the steam off the game. But I would then lean towards the F5 under as both starting pitchers should be able to limit their opponents.

BET – Under 3.5 runs F5 for 1.34 RW buck (-134 FanDuel)

Texas Rangers vs. Seattle Mariners 9:40 pm EDT

Gilbert is on the verge of being a breakout star pitcher and the Rangers have allowed a dead last 6.50 runs per game. The edge here goes to the ballpark for Gilbert and the huge edge in starting pitching over Dunning.

BET - Mariners -1.5 runs for 1 RW buck (+142 FanDuel)

BONUS BET – 4 team parlay for 0.1 RW buck to win 9.4 (FanDuel)

  • Orioles under 3.5 runs +100; D-Backs under 4 runs -122; Giants/Mets under 3.5 runs F5 -134; Seattle -156

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