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MNF: Cowboys-Chargers Game Parlay Power Moves

Fontaine's Fast Five: Cowboys-Chargers Game Parlay Power Moves

1. Justin Herbert's Touchdown Tsunami: 🔥 Here's the deal: Herbert is gearing up for a storm, and our intel points to over 1.5 TDs tonight. The numbers are talking: 1.5 passing TDs have rocked the board this season, and the OddsShopper's projections echo the same tune. Kellen Moore's got a score to settle with the Cowboys. Expect fireworks!

2. Keenan Allen: The Reception Ruler: 🚀 Hold up! Remember that Dave Chappelle bit about picking your crew? Well, with most of the Charger receivers MIA or not stepping up, Allen's THE guy. With targets hitting double digits this season, and OddsShopper backing him with a 56% go-rate, it's clear: Allen is the playmaker to watch tonight!

3. Tony Pollard: The Rushing Renegade: 🌪 Let's cut through the noise: Pollard's MNF prop is ringing in at over 50+ rushing yards. Our data says it's a 52% sure shot. But here's the kicker: The Chargers defense has been generous, allowing 4.2 yards per carry. Pollard’s track record? Averaging more and ready to storm the field. Watch out, because this renegade is about to break free!

(Stay safe, players! Got questions? Dial 1-800-GAMBLER or connect at We're here 24/7.)

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