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NBA 1/20/20


Joining Dame as a Core Play on this DK slate will be his teammate, Hassan Whiteside, at only $7,500. I have written about Whiteside a few times already this season, and I honestly think he has failed me every time. I probably would have written about him on Saturday too if I was on duty, and he failed then also! But there are just too many things working in his favor to steer away from him tonight.

First and foremost, we know the guy is a per-minute monster. On the season specifically, he is at 1.38 DK points per minute. A lot of times with Whiteside, just like it was in his Heat days, it really comes down to the minutes. With eight guys tonight, what choice do they have? Sure, he ‘only’ played 31.5 minutes on Saturday, but he was on pace for 37.5 if that game would have remained competitive.

Furthermore, there are few matchups that would be better for him. As I mentioned up above, the Warriors are 25th in overall team defensive efficiency. On top of that, they have the league’s fifth lowest rebound rate and rank in the bottom 10 in defensive efficiency against opposing centers. Quite frankly, I think Whiteside smashes this puny price tag tonight.

I am going to leave it at these two Blazers for now, but it is likely I tag another cheap one in LineupHQ at some point later today like Simons. Before I do that though, I want to see what happens with the LAL/BOS injury situations. That could have a big impact in what I want my next priority to be. Stay tuned for now.

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