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NBA Best Bets Today - Free Picks for Wednesday, January 3

  1. Trae Young's Point Play: The word on the street is that Young's usual lightning strikes might be a bit dampened tonight against the Thunder. His scoring saga has been a sight to see, averaging a whopping 30.4 PPG! But, Thunder's defense is tighter than a drum, and they're not too kind to pick-and-roll maestros. Keep an eye out for Young to maybe share the spotlight a bit more this eve.

  2. Alperen Sengun's Scoring Scuttlebutt: Sengun has been on a tear with a streak of 30-pointers. Yet, whispers suggest that the Nets could throw a wrench in his scoring machine, thanks to Claxton's knack for nixing nifty rollers. Could we see Sengun switch gears? Stay tuned!

  3. Jalen Brunson's Bullish Battle: They say Chicago's defense is as solid as The Great Wall when it comes to halting handlers in their tracks. With Caruso leading the charge, Brunson might just pivot to playing the generous genie, dishing out passes to his pal OG Anunoby. Will teamwork trump solo scores? Let's watch and find out.

  4. Thunder's Tipping Point: OKC is fresh off a back-to-back, but they've been defying the odds and the fatigue, showing up with some ATS (Against The Spread) magic. Hawks, on the other hand, are struggling to defend their nest. Could this be Thunder's night to roar?

  5. OG Anunoby's Total Triumph: Anunoby's been on a roll, folks! But tonight, he's got some big shoes to fill as Thibs' new favorite. With the Bulls missing some key players, it's showtime for Anunoby to swoop in and snatch those points plus rebounds. Will he rise to the occasion? The anticipation is palpable!

Here's the roundup of tonight's Fontaine's Fantastic Five picks:

  1. Trae Young: Under 28.5 points vs. Thunder

  2. Alperen Sengun: Under 24.5 points vs. Nets

  3. Jalen Brunson: Under 25.5 points vs. Bulls

  4. Game Outcome: Thunder -1 at Hawks

  5. OG Anunoby: Over 19.5 points + rebounds vs. Bulls

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