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NBA Core Play

Tobias Harris, Philadelphia 76ers

FanDuel: $6,700, SF DraftKings: $8,300, SF/PF Yahoo: $32, SF FantasyDraft: $15,200, F/C

Amidst all of those great fantasy plays on Philly that we talked about on Wednesday for the FD slate, Tobias actually ended up leading the team in fantasy points. Yet for some reason, his price tag didn’t quite rise like the other guys.

Ben Simmons: $8,500 > $9,200

Al Horford: $6,700 > $7,100

Tobias Harris: $6,600 > $6,700

And when you compare it to a site like DK, where Tobias went from $6,900 to $8,300, you start to see just how discounted he is on FD.

These Sixers have been underpriced on FD for awhile now with no Embiid, so I feel like a broken record at this point. Nonetheless, here is a brief synopsis of why we will like him once again tonight for cash games.

Essentially, CourtIQ tells us all we need to know. In a 790-minute sample with Embiid off of the court, Tobias has been a 1.17 FD point-per-minute player (1.01 on the season). That big bump is largely due to increases in his usage rate and rebound rate.

The minutes are the final piece of the puzzle. In these past four games without Embiid, the minutes have been at 35, 34, 39.25, and 35.25. In that game in which he was at 34, he didn’t play the last 2.5 minutes due to garbage time. Thus, 35-36 minutes certainly feels like an appropriate minutes projection, and there are clear paths to them reaching the upper 30s.

Another day, another Sixer cash game lock on FD.

(Tournament pivot: Certainly a viable cash game pairing with Tobias on FD due to the price tag and matchup, Pascal Siakam might be my favorite tournament target on the slate. There is going to be a game real soon here in which the minutes spike back up to around the vicinity they were in before he got hurt. He has been at 30 and 30.5 in the two games since he returned, and they probably would have brought him back in a touch sooner for his fourth quarter rotation last game if they weren’t up by so much. Basically what I am saying is that it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he hits like 35 minutes tonight, but that isn’t exactly something I am planning for in terms of a projection. And regardless of where the minutes land, the matchup against Washington makes it that much easier for him to hit a ceiling game on efficiency alone. There are just so many ways that he can destroy this $7,600 price tag on FD tonight; my only hope is that the Projected Ownership on him isn’t too outlandish.)

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