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NBA Parlay Picks

Tonight's NBA slate is loaded with 10 games featuring some juicy matchups to bet on. Since this Wednesday's NBA slate is so big, you might have a difficult time deciding what markets you want to focus on. However, you can easily overcome that objection by placing a potentially lucrative NBA parlay bet tonight.

While straight bets are safer, parlay bets are a terrific way to increase your bankroll in one fell swoop with long odds wagers.


NBA Same Game Parlay Pick For Tonight

One of the easiest ways to get into NBA betting if you are a savvy bettor is by focusing on three-pointers. This is because numbers tell you everything. If a player is projected to score a lot of points and they are known for their long-range shooting, then you can expect that player to hit their three-point line.

  • Dejounte Murray Over 1.5 three-pointers (-130)

  • Kelly Oubre Jr. Over 2.5 three-pointers (+133)

  • Karl-Anthony Towns Over 1.5 three-pointers (-166)

  • Parlay Odds: +554

Karl-Anthony Towns is a big man who can also shoot the basketball from downtown. He's not going to drop seven threes like Steph Curry, but he takes enough long-range shots to go over his line of 1.5 threes 60 percent of the time in his past 10 games.

When it comes to Kelly Oubre Jr, I wanted to add some value to this parlay to increase the odds. Sure, he is a riskier play, but Oubre has gone over his 2.5 three-pointer line in five of his past 10 matchups. However, despite the risk involved, the matchup is there against the Pacers. A lot of threes will be hit by both sides in that one with the number of shooters employed by both teams.

Dejounte Murray is in a game between the Hawks and Celtics that features the highest point total on the slate. Both sides can and will score. Assuming the Celtics do their job and take control of this matchup, Murray will have to take a lot of shots from the perimeter to keep up. He only needs two triples to hit his number and clinch his leg of the parlay. He has hit his number in 5-of-10.

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