The Bachelor FanDule Lineup

Star Player: Jamie 

Age: 21

Salary: $28,000

Projected Points: 15

Jamie appears to be a popular member of the cast who finds love (at least temporarily) on the show. We have her projected to rack up the most points by talking about chemistry, going on a date, kissing someone and receiving a rose.

Player 2: Trevor

Age: 29

Salary: $29,000

Projected Points: 9.1

This isn’t Trevor’s first time in the spotlight -- Trevor appeared on American Idol a couple seasons back and won the heart of Katy Perry. Since then, he’s become known as a player (according to twitter), which makes him a great pick for this week’s lineup. We’ve projected Trevor to earn 9.1 points by kissing someone, going on dates, and appearing in the confessional. 

Player 3: Julia

Age: 28

Salary: $20,000

Projected Points: 8.4

Julia looks like a fun-loving player who is there to get in on the action. She has appeared in multiple trailers for the season and doesn’t seem to be shy when it comes to dating around. We have Julia projected to earn 8.4 points dancing, kissing someone, and talking about the drama. 

Player 4: Bri

Age: 27

Salary $23,000

Projected Points: 8.1

Bri is definitely in this for love and SPOILER ALERT for a long time, which makes her a great contestant to rack up the points this week. We have Bri projected to earn 8.1 points by going on a date, receiving a rose, and saying someone isn’t here for the right reasons.

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