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Utah vs. Florida: Odds, Picks & Predictions for Week 1

Utah lost a heartbreaker to an Anthony Richardson-led Florida squad in 2022, as Richardson's TD run late in the fourth quarter sealed the victory, 29-28. The Gators now travel to high altitude, meeting Utah on their home turf. They bring along a new quarterback and a new defensive coordinator, and while there are questions about the team's offensive production, the biggest question will be the health of Utah's star quarterback, Cameron Rising. Late news indicates that Rising will be out, and Bryson Barnes will start in the opener. This flips the script on my previous prediction.

Utah vs Florida Betting Picks for Week 1

If Rising were 100% healthy, I would take Utah without hesitation. A healthy Utah squad is like Thanksgiving dinner at home. Whether it's good or bad, it's consistent. You know exactly what dishes you're getting and how they will taste. In other words, dependable. Even with Barnes under center, Utah will focus on the run, try to win at the line of scrimmage, and play great defense. Florida knows this. Utah's ability to execute depends on a healthy quarterback to run the show, however. Since last year's contest was so close, you must consider the spread, as it could play a massive role in the betting outcome. Earlier today, I went the other way with this bat, but Rising's absence puts the two teams on a more even footing. I'm going to take the underdog.

Utah vs Florida Expert Pick: Florida +4.5 (FanDuel Sportsbook)

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