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Working in the DFS (daily fantasy sports) and sportsbook betting industry for over nine years, I frequently come across people who ask me questions. The main thing they tell me is that “they would love to start betting but have no idea where to begin.” This book is a well-researched and in-depth look at sports betting and playing DFS. It also contains insights from other handicappers, athletes, and sports betting experts in the industry. 

This book will outline the need-to-know basics that will get any new bettor focused and pointed in the best direction on their path to having a successful betting experience. This book is designed to provide the basic information about sports betting and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), as well as proven tips and strategies on how to be successful. Many individuals who are interested in sports betting and DFS lack the knowledge and guidance to effectively navigate the complexities of these activities. They may feel overwhelmed and uncertain about where to begin, leading to frustration and potential losses.

Through clear explanations and practical advice, this book serves as a roadmap, helping readers gain confidence and make informed decisions in their sports betting and DFS pursuits. It aims to eliminate confusion, provide direction, and empower readers to embark on a path toward becoming successful bettors.

Starting Line: An Introduction to the World of Sports Betting & DFS

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