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College Football Picks: CFB Week 10 Odds, Picks, Predictions and Best Bets

  1. Wisconsin (-9.5) at Indiana:

    • Indiana has had a tough season, suffering a fourth straight loss.

    • Wisconsin is the better team despite offensive challenges and injuries.

    • The writer predicts Wisconsin will win by more than two scores.

  1. Auburn (-12.5) at Vanderbilt:

    • Vanderbilt is performing poorly with a seven-game losing streak.

    • Auburn's performance has been mediocre but better than Vanderbilt's.

    • Auburn is expected to use a strong running game against Vanderbilt's defense.

  1. Kentucky (-3.5) at Mississippi State:

    • Kentucky has lost three straight games but has the motivation to win this one.

    • Mississippi State struggles offensively, which Kentucky can exploit.

    • Kentucky's running game and passing are anticipated to be effective.

  1. Alabama (-3) vs. LSU:

    • The writer trusts Alabama more defensively.

    • LSU's defense is not expected to contain Alabama's offense.

    • Alabama's quarterback is improving and can make significant plays.

  1. Fresno State (-3) vs. Boise State:

    • Fresno State has a strong record at home and excels in passing.

    • Boise State has a weak defense against the pass and a poor away record.

    • The line does not favor Fresno as much as the writer believes it should, indicating value.

These points provide a quick summary of the writer's perspectives and predictions for upcoming games, primarily focusing on the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the teams, recent performances, and strategic expectations

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