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Fontaine's 5: Expert Betting Picks for Ravens vs. Bengals Showdown

The gridiron is set for an electrifying clash as the Ravens take on the Bengals. With stakes high and the thrill of the game upon us, it’s time to dive into Fontaine's 5 top betting picks that could turn predictions into profits.

The Spotlight on Chase and Boyd

Last week's absence of Higgins has shifted the spotlight to Ja'Marr Chase and Tyler Boyd, with both receivers stepping up to the challenge. Chase's agility turned six targets into impressive yardage and a touchdown, while Boyd, with 12 targets, amassed substantial yardage. As they face the Ravens, who have given up the fourth-fewest passing yards per game, it's expected that Chase will encounter more resistance with Higgins out. This opens up an opportunity for Boyd to be a pivotal player. Our best bet? Tyler Boyd to surpass 43.5 receiving yards - a number he's equipped to exceed given the matchup and his recent performance.

The Ravens’ Ground Game

The Ravens, known for their ground assault, lead with the most rushing attempts in the NFL. Lamar Jackson, Gus Edwards, Justice Hill, and the emerging Keaton Mitchell form a formidable backfield. Mitchell's recent breakout game signals a potential repeat performance against the Bengals. Betting on Mitchell to exceed 36.5 rushing yards seems a wise choice, considering his explosiveness and increased role.

Jackson's Rushing Prowess

Lamar Jackson remains a dual-threat quarterback, who consistently keeps defenses guessing. His ability to dart through gaps makes him an unpredictable force. With a history of solid performances against the Bengals, betting on Jackson to have over 7.5 rushing attempts seems like a solid bet, especially with the Ravens' tendency to rely on their rushing game.

The Prediction: A Close Contest

The Ravens may have won their last encounter, but Joe Burrow's current form cannot be overlooked. His calf is no longer a concern, allowing him to play at his best. The Bengals are expected to cover the spread, making this game a potential nail-biter.

In conclusion, it's shaping up to be a game where strategic bets could lead to substantial rewards. Remember, in betting and football, it's all about reading the plays before they happen. Stay ahead of the game with Fontaine's 5.

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