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Fontaine’s Fast 5: Week's Top College Football Picks

  1. Mississippi State (-14) vs. Southern Miss: The Bulldogs are looking to bounce back, and they've got the firepower with Will Rogers steering the ship. They're not just looking to win; they're aiming to dominate. Expect Mississippi State to cover the spread against Southern Miss, with their defense targeting a shutdown.

  2. Michigan (-19) at Maryland: The Wolverines have been stifling offenses all season, and Maryland's next on the list. With Michigan's defense outscoring opponents on their own turf, the Terps will struggle. Lay the points; Michigan is set to cover -19 in a defensive showcase.

  3. East Carolina (+2.5) at Navy: The Pirates, with momentum on their side, are ready to plunder. Their defense is rock solid, and against Navy, expect them to not just cover the +2.5 but to win outright. Bet on the Pirates to navigate through the Midshipmen’s defenses for the treasure—a victory.

  4. Clemson (-6.5) vs. North Carolina: Clemson's hitting their stride at the right time, rallying hard in recent outings. North Carolina has firepower, but can they handle the Tigers' roar? Clemson's favored to cover -6.5, with their eyes set on a statement win.

  5. Georgia (-10) at Tennessee: The Bulldogs are the pack leaders, with Tennessee looking like potential prey. Georgia’s offense is a force, and they're expected to cover. Even at -10, Georgia's power is likely too much for the Vols. Trust in the Dawgs to extend their lead and beat the spread.

The Final Whistle: In the crunch time of college football, the pressure's on, and so are the bets. Will the favorites flex their muscles, or can the underdogs bite back? Remember, in the world of spreads and picks, it's not just the victory—it's by how much. Place your bets wisely!

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