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Fontaine's Five: Monday Night Football Player Props

The thrilling action of Monday Night Football brings about an array of betting opportunities, particularly in player props. With teams boasting some of the league's best talents, the games are often unpredictable and exciting. As we prepare for the next round of matches, here's a breakdown of three standout player props that should be on every bettor's radar.

1. Austin Ekeler OVER 4.5 Receptions Austin Ekeler, despite being injured for parts of the season, has been the go-to guy for quick passes in the Chargers' lineup. With 107 receptions in 2022, Ekeler's presence in the backfield cannot be underestimated. Facing a formidable Dallas Cowboys front seven, the Chargers will most likely employ quick passes to Ekeler to counter the aggressive pass rush. Moreover, the added connection with offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, who previously worked with the Cowboys, brings an extra layer of strategy. Expect Ekeler to be a significant component in Justin Herbert's game plan.

2. Keenan Allen OVER 6.5 Receptions Keenan Allen, Herbert's primary wideout, is set to play a crucial role in the upcoming match. Following a less-than-stellar performance against the Raiders, Allen will be eager to bounce back and showcase his skills. He has averaged 8.8 receptions on 10.9 targets over his last nine games, underlining his importance to the Chargers' passing game. Given the condition of the Cowboys' secondary, Allen's route-running skills will come to the fore.

3. Dak Prescott OVER 253.5 Passing Yards The Chargers' pass defense has been underwhelming, to say the least, giving up an average of 299.8 passing yards per game. This presents a golden opportunity for Dak Prescott, the Cowboys' star quarterback, to rack up significant yardage. Prescott, known for his resilience, will be looking to make a statement after a challenging outing against the San Francisco 49ers. Given the state of the Chargers' secondary, Prescott is primed for a big game.

In Conclusion: As we gear up for another exhilarating Monday Night Football match, these player props stand out due to the teams' respective strengths and weaknesses. Bettors should closely watch these key players, as they will likely influence the game's outcome.

Fontaine's Top Picks:

  1. Austin Ekeler > 4.5 Receptions

  2. Keenan Allen > 6.5 Receptions

  3. Dak Prescott > 253.5 Passing Yards

Whether you're new to betting or a seasoned pro, it's always wise to do thorough research and make informed decisions. Happy betting!

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