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NBA Best Bets Today: Free Picks for MLK Day

Get ready for a slam dunk of sports fun with the latest dish on the court! 🏀✨

LeBron's Scoring Shuffle: Under or Over? King James is no stranger to the spotlight, but even monarchs face the storm. When the Thunder rolls in, LeBron's point parade tends to either boom or bust. With two showdowns against OKC, he's swung from a modest 21 points to a royal 40. But, here's the twist – the Thunder's defense is like a castle wall against fast breaks, and that's LeBron's favorite dance floor. The man averages 6.9 points on the fast break, but will he break through or get broken this time? The stakes? A cool 26.5 points. Place your bets, folks!

Clarkson's Jazzed Up Jamboree: A Scoring Fiesta? Utah's got the Jazz, and Jordan Clarkson's got the fire. The team's soaring above the .500 mark, and Clarkson? He's been a scoring maestro, harmonizing to the tune of 21.6 points lately. But he's not just playing notes; he's firing shots – 17.7 per game recently! His next stage? The Pacers. Known for their speedy tempo, they might just set the perfect rhythm for Clarkson's solo. With 18.5 points up for grabs, will Clarkson hit the high notes?

Cam's Triple Threat: Heating Up! Cam Johnson's been nothing short of an NBA mixtape highlight, sinking treys with the ease of a DJ dropping beats. Every game, you can count on at least one splash from downtown. In his last 11 games? The man's been on repeat, hitting triples 10 times and boasting a sizzling 45.8% from beyond the arc. And now, the Heat's defense is up, notorious for giving spot-up shooters the spotlight. Cam's already dueled with them twice, averaging 2.5 threes on six tries. Will he turn up the heat or get burned? The magic number is 2.5!

Prince's Royal Rendezvous with the Thunder: A Three-Point Feast? Taurean Prince has been court royalty, scoring in double digits like it's a decree. But his latest decree? Sinking more than 2.5 threes against the Thunder. It's a stormy forecast, as OKC is prone to giving up points on spot-up scenarios. Prince, with nearly half his playtime dedicated to spot-up situations, could be looking to reign threes in the upcoming skirmish. In his past performances against the Thunder, he's managed two hits from the arc. Will his next clash with OKC be a three-point coronation?

Glad you enjoyed the article! Here are the picks to keep an eye on:

  1. LeBron James: Under 26.5 points vs. Thunder.

  2. Jordan Clarkson: Over 18.5 points vs. Pacers.

  3. Cam Johnson: Over 2.5 threes vs. Heat.

  4. Taurean Prince: Over 2.5 threes vs. Thunder.

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