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NBA Best Bets Today - Free Picks for Monday, November 20

Fontaine's 5: Hoops Hype and High Stakes

  1. Buzz City Bounce Back: Hornets are set to sting with a +8.5 against the Celtics. Boston's gas tank is running on fumes, and Charlotte's got Miles Bridges back in the hive. The math is simple: tired legs plus a hungry squad equals a cover for the Hornets.

  2. Pelican Dive for Gold: New Orleans is flying high on the moneyline against Sacramento. The Kings are road-weary, and the Pels are ready to rule the roost. Feeling lucky? Bet on the Pelicans to not just win, but to reign supreme by a royal margin.

  3. Buck Wild in D.C.: Milwaukee's ready to charge with a -5.5 in the first half against the Wizards. The Bucks are on a winning spree, and they're not slowing down. Washington might have home court, but the Deer are hunting early and aiming to lead at halftime.

  4. Brunson's Ball Blunders: Timberwolves are turning up the heat, and they've set the trap for turnovers. Jalen Brunson, watch out because Minnesota's got your number. With +135 on the line, expect Brunson to trip over 2.5 turnovers as the Wolves howl.

  5. Butler's Bullish Mistakes: Jimmy Butler's hands are slippery, and turnovers are on the menu in Chicago. The Bulls are ready to take advantage, and with +105 odds, it's a smart bet that Butler will drop the ball over 2.5 times against the tenacious Chicago D.

Bonus Shot: Harrison Barnes is in the corner pocket, ready to sink over 1.5 threes against the Pelicans. The odds are +105, and the bet is hot. Barnes is cornering the market, and it's time to cash in on those triples.

Fontaine's Final Fast Break: Whether it's covering spreads, cashing in on moneylines, or betting on mishaps, Fontaine's 5 has got the playbook for your NBA bets. Remember, in the game of hoops and bets, fortune favors the bold. Let's roll the dice and watch the winnings bounce in!

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