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NBA Best Bets Today - Free Picks for Tuesday, November 14

Fontaine's 5 Top NBA Picks - Slam Dunk Your Bets!

1. Kyle Lowry Lights Up the Court - Over 9.5 Points FanDuel has Kyle Lowry set for a modest 9.5 points against the Hornets, but we know he's got the heat. With Tyler Herro sidelined, expect Lowry to step up and drop those points like beats. Don't let his rest day fool you; this man's about to turn up the thermostat!

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2. Dejounte Murray - The Steal Master Over 1.5 Steals Watch out, Pistons! Dejounte Murray is in town, and he's got his eyes on the prize. With the Pistons giving up the ball like it's a hot potato, Murray's defensive prowess is poised to exceed 1.5 steals. Last year's stats? A thievery masterpiece. Let's rack up those steals!

3. Deandre Ayton - Sneaky Fingers Over 1.5 Steals The Jazz might be playing some smooth tunes, but Ayton's ready to disrupt the rhythm. Utah's turnover rate is music to our ears, and Ayton's defensive skills are on the playlist for tonight. It's a steal deal you won't want to miss!

4. Cade Cunningham - All-Rounder Over 28.5 Points + Assists The Hawks may have their talons sharp, but Cunningham's got the agility to soar higher. After a slow game against Chicago, it's time for a rebound, and Atlanta's generous defense is just the trampoline he needs. Points and assists? He'll be serving them up!

5. Haywood Highsmith - Double Trouble Over 11.5 Points + Rebounds With the Heat lineup looking a little thin, Highsmith's time to shine is now. The Hornets might be buzzing, but Miami's got a secret weapon. Expect Highsmith to grab points and rebounds with the hunger of a man who knows his time is now.

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