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NBA Best Bets Today - Free Picks for Wednesday, November 22

Fontaine’s 5 Top NBA Wagers: High-Stakes Picks and Plays

1. Brooklyn Nets' Comeback: Nets to cover +2.5 at Hawks The Nets are getting a much-needed breather and only their third game this week spells prime time for a cover. Despite the Hawks coming off an intense showdown, the rest advantage and the Nets' resilience puts them in a favorable position to cover. With Dejounte Murray's status in the air after a bruising game, our money's on the Nets to rise to the occasion.

2. Miami Heat's Third Quarter Surge: Heat 3Q + game moneyline (+165) at Cavaliers Back-to-back games can wear any team down, but not the streaking Heat. They've been on fire, claiming 8 of their last 9, with the momentum to push past the Cavaliers in the third. Miami's knack for second-half comebacks makes this a sizzling pick.

3. Denver Nuggets' High Stakes: Nuggets 3Q + game moneyline (+150) at Magic Don't let Orlando's underdog status fool you; they're a team on the rise. Yet, the Nuggets have been consistently finding their groove, and with Nikola Jokic fresh and ready, they're primed for victory. It's Denver's game to lose, making their moneyline a bet worth taking.

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4. Houston Rockets' Cover Potential: Rockets to cover -5.0 vs. Grizzlies The Grizzlies might be the crowd favorite, but the Rockets are no pushovers. Their recent form against high-caliber teams makes them a dark horse capable of covering the spread against Memphis. Expect the Rockets to launch past expectations.

5. Minnesota's Mid-Game Mastery: Timberwolves 3Q + game moneyline (+115) vs. 76ers With Philly missing Joel Embiid's commanding presence, the Timberwolves have a golden window in the third quarter to take control. Minnesota's rested legs against the 76ers' packed schedule could tip the scales for a valuable mid-game win.

Parlay Bonus: Thunder and Gilgeous-Alexander's Scoring Spree Feeling daring? Combine the Thunder's first-quarter game moneyline with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander's score fest for a profitable parlay. It's high risk, high reward with this dynamic duo.

Cheeky Side Bet: Poole and Ball's Point Parade Jordan Poole and LaMelo Ball are predicted to light up the scoreboard with 20+ points each. It's a bet that's as entertaining as it is promising.

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