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NBA Best Bets Today - Free Picks for Thursday, December 14

🌟 Rebound Rumble: Domantas Sabonis vs. Thunder 🌟

Tick-tock, it’s 4:20 PM CT and FanDuel’s clocks are pointing towards a rebound rumble! Domantas Sabonis is bouncing into the court, and we’re not talking dribbles – we’re eyeing over 13.5 rebounds against the Thunder! He’s been the king of the court, nabbing double-digit boards in his last five showcases. The forecast? A storm of rebounds, as the Thunder rolls in, serving up the third-most rebounds to those towering centers.

🔥 Point Parade: Ivica Zubac vs. Warriors 🔥

DraftKings is sparking up the scoreboard at 4:24 PM CT! Ivica Zubac's not just playing – he’s slaying with double-digit points in 10 of his last 11 games. Averaging a swish-tastic 13.9 points during this hot streak, he’s about to face the Warriors sans their shield – Draymond Green. So, we’re betting on Zubac to break past 11.5 points like it’s a walk in the park.

🏆 The Trail Blazers’ Trail: Blazers -3.5 vs. Jazz 🏆

At 3:30 PM, DraftKings Sportsbook is where the Blazers are lighting it up! Nick Whalen’s crystal ball says Portland’s got the mojo to outpace the Jazz, even if Utah’s down a few key players. Can the Blazers blaze past the -3.5 spread? Nick's betting his lucky charms on it!

🌊 Rebound Ocean: Rudy Gobert vs. Mavericks 🌊

3:30 PM and it’s time to dive into the deep end with Rudy Gobert and the Mavericks. Gobert's been a titan under the rim, and despite a slight hiccup against New Orleans, he’s been racking up rebounds like they’re going out of style. DraftKings’ line at O12.5 rebounds? We say, watch him soar!

The Big Playbook Prediction:

  • Domantas Sabonis: Over 13.5 rebounds and stealing the thunder!

  • Ivica Zubac: He’s breaking the 11.5 points mark, so Warriors, watch out!

  • Trail Blazers: With a -3.5 spread, they’re ready to jazz it up!

  • Rudy Gobert: Over 12.5 rebounds, because Mavericks, it's time to swim or sink!

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