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NFLThe Book First Look: Wild Card Round


Raiders +5.5 at Bengals

I think this is roughly the right line, but I'll lay the wood here after the Bengals had a virtual bye last week while the Raiders were in a war for five quarters Sunday night.

Bengals 31 - 17

Patriots +4 at Bills

My first instinct was to take the Bills, but their offense has been inconsistent of late, and the Patriots are built for cold weather smashmouth football. Take the points.

Bills 20 - 19


49ers +3 at Cowboys

The Cowboys have the league's best roster, but they seem to lack heart, beating up on bad teams, then no-showing at home against Arizona two weeks ago, in a game that would have gotten them the No. 2 seed. Their defense could make life miserable for error-prone Jimmy Garoppolo, but I'll take the points.

49ers 24 - 23

Eagles +8.5 at Buccaneers

The Eagles have done most of their damage against the league's weaker teams, but the Bucs are thin at receiver, and their secondary is only okay. Give me the points – the Eagles offensive line just needs to hold up reasonably well.

Buccaneers 23 - 20


Steelers +12.5 at Chiefs

I made this line 8.5, as the Steelers are well coached, have a good defense and plenty of playoff experience. The Chiefs defense might decimate a weak Steelers offensive line, but Kansas City hasn't really solved its offensive woes all year – even when they score a lot of points, they haven't had many big plays to Travis Kelce or Tyreek Hill. Take the points.

Chiefs 24 - 20


Cardinals +4 at Rams

I see these as roughly equal teams, and as such, this could go either way. Give me the Cardinals, who have played better on the road this year, getting four.

Rams 24 - 23

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