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World Cup Best Bets

Tunisia to beat Australia +120

Tunisia was unlucky not to beat Denmark in the opener and while they're favored versus Australia, I'm not sure the number is correct. It feels more like Tunisia should be closer to -120 or -130; as of Friday, it was +120. With a win vital for both sides if either wants any chance to advance, I think Tunisia is better across the pitch, no matter who starts for them. Sure, maybe I'm basing a lot of this off one game against Denmark, but I already rated Australia as one of the worst teams in the tournament before things started.

World Cup Best Bets for Poland versus Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia to have more corners than Poland +250

Poland will probably approach this match similarly to their opener against Mexico because this one will decide their tournament. If they don't get three points here, they'll likely need something from Argentina, something they aren't counting on. While Saudi Arabia pulled off the upset against Argentina, this game could go differently as Poland isn't a team that wants to dominate possession, playing more off the counter.

Because of that, nothing really stands out for either side unless you feel good about Poland's -130 to win. Under 4.5 corners in the first half is -170 so I can't touch that. Instead, I'll take a similar bet to the one I won with Iran on Thursday and back Saudi Arabia to have more corners at +260. Poland doesn't play with a ton of possession and as long as Saudi Arabia doesn't get an early goal, I think they could have more opportunities for corners.

World Cup Best Bets for Denmark versus France

Denmark double chance against France +115

Unlike a lot of these matchups, France and Denmark have seen a decent amount of each other, already playing twice this year because of UEFA Nations League. Denmark won 2-0 and then 2-1, with both teams using fairly strong starting XIs. Not many will be on Denmark because of how their World Cup openers looked and the Thomas Delaney injury hurts, but this is a much different matchup for France than the Australia game.

I think it's wild that Denmark's double chance is +115. Again, they already beat France twice this year. Sure, maybe Kylian Mbappe goes crazy against a slower back three for Denmark, but that's yet to be the case between these teams. I'm still not sure France has the quality to truly control a match and I think Denmark has enough to get at least another point.

World Cup Best Bets for Argentina versus Mexico

Over 2.5 goals between Argentina and Mexico -105

Argentina players are calling this a must-win match and while that technically isn't the case for them to advance, it's still important. The question is how this match will play out because Mexico prefers to play with possession and Argentina's mindset doesn't support that happening. So, if Argentina is attacking from the start, will Mexico be able to score off the counter?

I think with Argentina pushing to win and score, that will open up the match and I'm not sold on them keeping Mexico out if they go up a goal. I don't think they'll want to sit back and play for a 1-0 win because that's not an ideal strategy for a team needing to win. So let's go goals and take over 2.5 at -105.

World Cup Betting Picks Saturday, Nov. 26

  • Tunisia to beat Australia +120

  • Saudi Arabia to have more corners than Poland +250

  • Denmark double chance against France +115

  • Over 2.5 goals between Argentina and Mexico -105

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